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Tres Leches Reinvented Frisco Shape

6 Oct 2022



Pastel Tres Leches Cake

Mix all ingredients 1 minute slow, 4 minutes medium speed. Bake in a square mold 900 gr 150 °C 35 minutes.

Cream Agrum

Mix both ingredients together.

Liquid Tres Leches Cream

Mix both ingredients together and and use like an English Cream.

Coconut Crumbs

Mix All ingredients and warm till 70 °C. Spread very thin on a baking paper and bake golden brown in oven 160 °C. Brake into small crumbs.

Yellow Coating

Melt the Chocolate with the cocoa Butter. Add the Coconutcrumbs and foodcolor. Use between 29-30 °C.


  • Use an Ice Cream mold
  • Precut the Tres Leches Cake 
  • Dip the Tres Leches Cake in the Agrum Cream
  • Put the mold together with two Tres Leches Cakes and the wooden stick 
  • Freeze 
  • Dip in the yellow coating serve on a plate with whipped Passionata