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Strawberries of love

5 Feb 2016


Strawberries are often referred to as the fruit of love. Some of the reasons are the strawberry's heart-shaped form, its sweetness and its vivid red color. This inspired us to prepare a recipe that combine this fruit to Belcolade chocolate that will come in handy for Valentine's day! This application is made using the following 3 recipes:

Croissant Dough


  • 1000 g of flour 
  • 100 g of fermented Dough 
  • 100 g of egg 
  • 250 g of Whole milk 
  • 250 g of water 
  • 20 g of salt 
  • 140 g of sugar 
  • 40 g of fresh Yeast 
  • 100 g of browned butter 
  • 650 g of Puratos Aristo Croissant

Working method: 

  1. Mix all ingredients (except the fat for the folds) together 10 min. on the 1st speed and 3 min. on the 2nd speed. 
  2. Let it proof during 30 min., give a flap and put in the fridge for the next day. 
  3. Give 3 simple folds with Puratos Aristo Croissant. 
  4. Roll it out to 5 mm and cut it in squares of 5 x 5 cm. 
  5. Proof at 28 °C and bake it in a convection oven at 190 °C during ± 15-20 min.

Strawberry Creamy


  • 250 g of PatisFrance Starfruit Strawberry 
  • 30 g of granulated Sugar 
  • 75 g of egg Yolk 
  • 200 g of Belcolade Blanc Intense, X516/J or G 
  • 70 g of Belcolade Blanc Selection, X605/J or G 
  • 45 g of Belcolade Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter 

Working method:

  1. Make an English cream with the PatisFrance Starfruit Strawberry, sugar and egg yolks : Boil the PatisFrance Starfruit Strawberry add the sugar mixed with egg yolks and cook at 85 °C. 
  2. Pass true a sieve onto the Belcolade Blanc Intense, Belcolade Blanc Selection and Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter, and blend to create a good emulsion. 
  3. Pour in half sphere of Ø 4,5 cm and let it crystallize at 4 °C.
  4. Then, freeze it.

Berries Glaze


  • 500 g of Puratos Miroir l’Original Neutral 
  • 70 g of Puratos Topfil Wild Berries 

Working method: 

  1. Mix all ingredients together, warm to 35-40 °C and apply on the frozen strawberry creamy.
  2. After the baked croissant dough has cooled down, sprinkle with icing sugar with sifter and dispose the frozen glazed strawberry creamy on the top in the center.

More information?

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