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Rye Bread

29 Apr 2016


Delicious traditional flavour Eastern European style rye bread. Rye bread is a type of bread made with various proportions of flour from rye grain. Light or dark in color, it is higher in fiber than white bread.

Ingredients (%)

  • 40 % of Wheat flour
  • 60 % of Rye flour
  • 70 % of Water
  • 2,2 % of Salt 
  • 2 % of Yeast  
  • 2 % of Rustic Acti-Plus
  • 3 % of Sapore Softgrain Multigrain
  • 4,8 % of Sapore Aroldo (8 % on rye flour)

Working method

To avoid uncontrolled cracks, open the damper after 3 min. and close after 5 min.

Sapore & Sapore Softgrain Multigrain

Sapore Softgrain Multigrain is a Ready-to-use, tender whole grains & seeds infused with sourdough. 

Sapore is a range of natural bakery flavours based on fermentation technologies from around the world. Available in powder or liquid, this range of natural bread flavours can be used in any type of baking process. With a wide range of ready-to-use natural fermentation flavours (fruity, fermented, roasted, cereal, sour…), you can create specific tastes.

To propose and bring new flavours to your customers or to increase the nutritional values of your breads, get in touch with your local Puratos representative by visiting our website.