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Recipe: Puravita Sprouted Grains Ciabatta

Ciabattas have become a big classic among bread. And we found the perfect way to give them a more modern twist: sprouted grains! Discover our delicious ciabatta recipe based on Puravita Sprouted Grains! To make it even better, we included a tip from our pro-Puravita baker Wouter!


  • Flour – 500g
  • Water – 800g
  • Yeast – 20g
  • Sapore Oberto – 3g

Working Method:

  1. Make an autolyze from mix Puravita Sprouted Grains, the flour and 55% of the water for 3’ on first speed. Then let it rest for 30’ at room temperature.
  2. Add yeast and Sapore Oberto to the dough. Mix for 4’ in first speed and 8’ in second speed. Add the remaining 25% of the water in the last 3 minutes of mixing.
  3. Dough temperature has to be at 25°C. This is very important.
  4. After mixing, let the dough bulk proof for 90 minutes at room temperature, in a plastic container greased with olive oil.
  5. Tip: Always cover your dough when you proof at ambient temperature. Otherwise your dough will dry out and you will get a dry crust on top of the dough.
  6. Make-up: Put the dough on a well-floured table, degas it slightly. Cut stripes and turn the cut side up. Cut the length you want. Turn the piece in the flour and press lightly.
  7. Final fermentation: proof the bread for 30 minutes at room temperature.
  8. Decoration: First turn your doughs around on the oven loader and decorate by dusting with rye flour.
  9. Oven temperature: 240°C with steam.
  10. Baking time: 24 minutes.

The last secret we can share with you is to wait for the bread to cool down before you start eating it 😉 And even if you can’t wait: Enjoy!