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Recipe: Puravita Pulses Protein Rings

You always wanted to offer something different to your customers? Something unique, they have not seen before? Discover our step-by-step recipe for Puravita Pulses protein rings, including tips from our pro-Puravita baker Wouter!


  • Strong flour – 500g
  • Water – 450g
  • Salt – 10g
  • Malt – 15g
  • Brown Sugar – 50g
  • O-tentic Durum – 20g

Working Method:

  1. Place all the ingredients in a mixer bowl.
  2. Mix for 10’ in first speed and 2’ in second speed.
  3. Dough temperature must be at 25°C. This is very important.
  4. After mixing, let the dough bulk proof for 5 minutes at room temperature.
  5. Make-up: by hand, scale pieces of 125g and make them medium long. Let rest for 10 minutes. Make long and round around your hand. Squeeze the dough ends together. And roll them a little bit on the table.
  6. Final fermentation: proof the protein rings for 75 minutes at 30°C, with at 80%RH.
  7. Tip: How do you know your dough is activated? Take a jug of hot water and place one protein ring inside. If it floats, your dough is ready!
  8. After the float test, place your protein rings to proof overnight at 5°C.
  9. Decoration: As desired- dip in wet towel and in sesame/poppy seeds.
  10. Oven temperature: Bake in rotative oven with following settings:
    a. 2' @ 290°C with 5L steam
    b. 2' @ 230°C (open damper)
    c. 9' @ 230°C (damper closed)
  11. Total baking time: +/-13 minutes.