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Recipe : Puravita Pulses Croissants

Ever wondered how you could make plant-based croissants full of taste and delicious grains? Discover our recipe with Puravita Pulses! We included tips from our pro-Puravita baker Wouter!


  • Duo flour – 500g
  • Water – 440g
  • Salt – 10g
  • Yeast – 60g
  • Sugar – 80g
  • Sapore Carmen – 50g
  • Mimetic incorporation– 50g
  • S500 A+ – 5g
  • Mimetic 20/32 for lamination – 500g

Working Method:

  1. Mix all the ingredients together (except the Mimetic 20/32 for lamination).
  2. Mix for 4’ in first speed and 4’ in second speed.
  3. Dough temperature must be at 15°C.
  4. After mixing, roll out your dough to 9mm and cover with plastic. Place for 30 minutes in the freezer.
  5. Folding: Add the Mimetic 20/32 to your dough and give two double folds.
  6. Intermediate proof: Roll again out and place your dough covered at 4°C for 30’.
  7. Tip: Roll out to 9mm before placing proofing it at 4°C. Why? The thicker your dough, the slower the cold of the fridge will reach the middle of your dough piece. The thinner you roll it out (9mm), the faster your dough will be cold.
  8. Make-up: Roll your croissant dough out to desired thickness (in HQ is it 2.7mm) and cut triangles for croissant 11cmx22cm. Roll up and place them on a tray.
  9. Final fermentation: proof the croissants for 120 minutes at 28°C, with 80%RH.
  10. Decoration: Brush with sunset glaze.
  11. Baking: Bake at 210°C in the deck oven.