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Patisserie Flan Yuzu

18 Mar 2016


A heavenly combination of Sablé Breton, Belcolade Lait Selection Flan and Yuzu Passion cream.

Sablé Breton


  • 4 pcs of egg Yolk 
  • 160 g of granulated Sugar 
  • 160 g of butter 
  • 240 g of flour 
  • 8 g of baking Powder 
  • 4 g pf Yuzu Powder 


  1. Mix the sugar, flour, baking powder, yuzu powder and add pieces of cold butter. 
  2. Finally add the egg yolks and mix briefly. 
  3. Take the dough, cover it completely with a cling film and put it in the fridge to set for 30-45 min. 
  4. Roll out on 2,5 mm and bring into baking circles of Ø 7 cm. 
  5. Bake in a ventilation oven for 15 min. at 145 °C.

Milk Chocolate Flan


  • 680 g of Belcolade Lait Selection, O3X5/J or G 
  • 437,5 g of Fresh Cream 35 % 
  • 437,5 g of Puratos Chantypak 
  • 100 g of egg Yolk 
  • 500 g of egg 
  • 100 g of butter 


  1. Boil the fresh cream and Puratos Chantypak.
  2. Make an emulsion with the eggs and egg yolks. 
  3. Bring the temperature up till 82 °C. 
  4. Pour this mix onto the Belcolade Lait Selection and mix with a hand mixer. 
  5. Add the butter, and let cool it down in the fridge for 30-45 min. 
  6. Pour into the pre-baked Sablé Breton and bake at 140 °C during ± 10-12 min.

Passion de Yuzu Crémeux


  • 350 g of PatisFrance Starfruit Passion 
  • 60 g of Yuzu juice 
  • 420 g of egg 
  • 220 g of sugar 
  • 10 g of gelatine Leave 
  • 200 g of butter 


  1. Boil the PatisFrance Starfruit Passion, juice and sugar, add the eggs and heat up till 82 °C with continuous movement by using a whisk. 
  2. Add the pre soaked gelatine and finally the cold butter. 
  3. Mix well with a hand mixer and pass through a sieve.
  4. Put into half spheres with Ø 5 mm and freeze.

Final Assembly

Additional ingredients:

  • Puratos Miroir l’Original Neutral
  • Belcolade Shavings Lait


  1. Use tempered Belcolade Lait Selection and spread it out on a plastic sheet, when nearly crystallized cut out a round shape. 
  2. When the Sablé Breton is cooled down with the baked flan, put a thin round layer of crystallized chocolate on top. 
  3. Take out the frozen crémeux, cover with Puratos Miroir l’Original Neutral and sprinkle with Belcolade Shavings Lait. 
  4. Place this on top of the layer of chocolate.