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Nutty Toast

8 Sep 2021



Toast Bread

Hazelnut Filling

Dipping Batter

Working Method

Toast Bread

  • Mix all the ingredients for 3 min. at slow speed, then 6 min. at fast speed.
  • Dough temperature: 26°C.
  • Bulk fermentation of 10 min.
  • Scale 250 g.
  • Intermediate proof of 10 min.
  • Round in rectangular or cylinder mold.
  • Final fermentation for ± 60 min. at 30°C with 85% R.H.
  • Bake for ± 22 min. at 235°C.

Dipping Batter

Mix all ingredients together.


Take a slice of bread (20 g), spread Carat Nuxel Hazelnut (10 g) on top and cover with another slice of bread (20 g). Dip this in the dipping batter (30 g) and bake for ± 5 min at 220°C in a convection oven on a double tray