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Nutty Flower

8 Sep 2021



Working Method

  • Mix all the ingredients (except butter and Mimetic Incorporation) for 3 min. at slow speed, then
  • 3 min. at fast speed. Add the fats and mix for 3 min. at slow speed and then ± 3 min. at fast speed.
  • Dough temperature: 28°C.
  • Leave to rest in freezer for ± 30 min.
  • Roll out the dough at 3,5 mm thickness, cut out the flower shape and place in a tart mold.
  • Final fermentation of ± 60 min at 28°C with 85% R.H.
  • Before baking, brush with Sunset Glaze and pipe Carat Nuxel Hazelnut into the center.
  • Bake for ± 7 min. at 240°C.

Tip: If using instant yeast, only 1/3 the dose of fresh yeast is needed