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Merveilleux Two in one

12 Dec 2022

Valentine's Day


  • Meringue cocoa 
  • Chantilly 
  • Decoration




Heat the first 2 ingredients to 118°C. When the syrup is around 108°C, whip the egg white with the sugar to a firm texture. Add the cooked syrup and mix till the meringue is around 24°C. Pipe dots (+-3cm Ø) on a baking paper and bake. Bake for 120 min in a deck type oven. Top and bottom temperatire 130°C. Open damper.


Heat the Passionata to 80°C. Pour over the chocolate and mix well. Place one night in the fridge.


Create tubes of chocolate with the Belcolade Noir Selection CT. (Approximatly 4cmØ and 6cm↕). Spread some chocolate out and cut hearts out. Let crystalize.


Take a chocolate tube and place a meringue in it. Whip the Chantilly softly and pipe on top of the meringue. Place a second merengue on top. Finish with a dot of the chantilly and stick the heart at the front of the tube.

Tips and Tricks

Create also a Sugar Reduced version of this dessert an make a Valentines Sharing Dessert.