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Crustless Bread solution

17 Dec 2015


Today, innovation is vital in the bakery industry. Consumers are always hungry for new taste experiences and are demanding for more choice, quality and convenience.

Existing solutions

Do you know that 37% of children ask their parents to cut-off the crust of their bread?

This is one of the reasons why crust less bread is now a must in the packaged bread category. So how do you make crustless bread? 

Two methods exist : 

  • First, the crust is cut off after baking. This options leads to wastes up to 40% of the baked loaf.
  • Second option is to use microwave or radio frequency baking. This method requires specific ovens and special baking tins, meaning high investments.

What if there was another solution?

Puratos has a solution to allow our customers to obtain white crust toast bread without cutting off the crust and by using their standard oven. 

No specific investment is needed. 

Soft’r White Crust  is based on the latest enzyme technologies as well as expertise in ingredient synergies for the highest quality performance. Thanks to its specific composition, Soft’r White crust ensures good stability  in the product and plays a role in effecting the texture and providing a nice taste.

By adding 3% of the Soft’r White Crust improver in a standard toast bread recipe, combined with adapted baking parameters, it is now possible to obtain a nice White Crust bread with a great shape, fine crumb structure, easy to depan and to slice, and with a soft and moist texture until the end of shelf life.

No need to cut off the crust anymore! The baked toast bread doesn’t have a crust, just a very thin white skin. 

Soft’r White Crust also allows you to diversify your offer as it can be used for wholemeal toast bread, open top toast bread as well as close top!

Contact us!Looking to receive additional information or to make your very own White Crust Bread ? Contact your local Puratos representative