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Croissant varieties

21 Apr 2016


A perfect croissant combines a cracking sound, perfect layers and an exquisite sensory experience of melting in the mouth. Find out how to bring variety to these baked goods with our recipe and tips and tricks.


  • 1000 g of Tegral Brioche Moelleuse 
  • 300 g of Eggs 
  • 250 g of Water (±) 
  • 50 g of Fresh yeast 

        for a Total dough amount of 1600 g

Working method


  • Use 330 gr Mimetic per kg dough.

Working method Mixing  4 min. slow ± 5 min. fast Dough temperature 22°C Bulk fermentation Place the dough on a tray, cover with plastic and give a rest of 30 min. at -18°C. Then give a bulk fermentation of ± 60 min. at +5°C. Lamination  Place the Mimetic in the middle of the dough and fold the dough equally along both sides. Roll out the dough at 7 mm and give 2 single folds (folding in 3). Let the dough rest under a plastic for 30 min. at -18°C. Roll out the dough at 7 mm and give a third single fold. Roll out the dough to 2,8 mm. Make up Cut triangles of 11cm base by 22cm height (weight 60 gr). Take a triangle of dough and fix the top with your fingers to the table. Start by rolling carefully the triangle from the base to the top. Final fermentation ± 60 min. at 28°C, 85% RH Decoration before baking Brush with Sunset Glaze Oven temperature  210°C with initial steam Baking time 16-18 min. with damper open the last 5 min. of the baking time.

Tips and tricks to diversify your croissants

Chocolate croissant:

  • Place a Belcolade chocolate stick at the base of the triangle before rolling.

Dipped croissant:

  • After cooling down, dip the edges of the croissant in Carat Coverlux compound chocolate.

Croissant with cream: 

  • After cooling down, cut the croissant lengthwise, fill with Cremyvit custard cream. 
  • Finish with icing sugar.

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