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Creative Indulgence

21 May 2021


Food exploration & indulgence are expected to revive after Covid crisis. Indulgent treat is a remedy to well-being purposes. Within the sweet goods category, our global consumer research, Taste Tomorrow, confirms the growing importance of texture. For consumers today, taste is more than just flavor. Texture is the new taste! 63% of the consumers would like to try food with different textures. Are you ready to Re-invent your sweet goods and meet the latest consumers’ needs? 

2 innovative concepts to make your cake more surprising, more indulgent:

  • Cakes with Smoobees, soft & smooth inclusions
  • Our Cake Texture Collection

Cakes with Smoobees

To add moistness and indulgence to muffins and cakes, usually they are injected with a filling in the center. But what if you could have the taste and texture of a filling spread all over your cake applications? Now you can easily re-invent your existing muffins and cakes by adding Smoobees, soft and smooth inclusions. As easy to use as an inclusion, but with the indulgence of a filling. A feast for the eyes, a pleasure for the taste buds, these soft inclusions come in different tastes like lemon, caramel and blueberry, with an adapted water activity for your packaged cakes.



Infinite creative possibilities for new, tasty creations



Easy, ready-to-use & completely stable in the industrial production process



A new sensorial experience and a smooth, melting texture & freshness in every bite.

Smoobees are soft beads that offer a creamy texture while ensuring rich taste in every bite.
The smooth texture and rich taste profile of Smoobees offers a new sensorial, visual and taste experience to discover, confirmed by consumers.
Not only does it allow bakers to add a soft and smooth texture to baked goods without injection equipment, it also offers them a new flavor palate to play with. With Smoobees, you can now imagine including any kind of flavor inside cakes, enabling you to develop a new range of inspirational and creative cakes previously unthinkable.

Curious to taste this innovation? Let us send you some creative indulgence and discuss how to apply it to your category.

Our cake texture collection

Did you know that consumers pay as much attention to a special, delicious, appealing texture as to its flavour? Cake texture in finished goods are important because texture can intensify the sensory experience.

How many different textures of cake do you have currently in your portfolio of products? Is your texture really adapted to its finished good? Facing issue of dryness through the shelf life or crumbliness?

At Puratos, our cake specialists have been creating exciting textures for decades. Our expertise from all around the world, combined with a deep understanding of the role of each ingredient and our latest enzyme technology, has allowed us to create unique textures, adapted to local preferences.

From soft cakes to moist ones, from very light to (almost) melting.

In the swiss rolls, the ideal texture should have an excellent rollability, sliceability, but also the mouthfeel of the aerated texture should match with the texture of the chosen filling.

Have you ever seen this perfectly fine crumb with flat surface? Ideal in a loaf cake, or sliced.

Bringing lightness into your snack cake is definitely a must! This aerated texture is your new partner for endless possibilities.

The perfect melting sensation in your favorite your loaf cake. This is what the consumers are craving for!

Discover our complete Collection with Cake textures you’ve never tasted before. Contact us to receive our sampling box.