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21 Jul 2016


Craquelin is a unique Belgian version of the brioche as it contains little chunks of sugar spread into the bread. It is thanks to the profusion of sugar beet in Belgium that bakers - inspired by its cousin the Cramique (which contains raisins instead of sugar) - had the idea of creating this new variety of brioche. In fact the sugar melts during the baking to create little pockets of sweetness throughout the brioche.


Dough (%)

  • 100 % of Tegral Soft’r  
  • 25 % of Water (+/-) 
  • 6  of Fresh yeast*
  • 20 % of Eggs
  • 15 % of Aristo Primeur Cake 

Inclusions (g)

  • 300g of Pearl sugar (P4) 
  • Total dough of 1960g
  •  *If dry yeast 2%

Decoration ingredients (g)


  • 100g of Pearl sugar (P4) 


  • 1000g of Sunset Glaze
  • 200g of Water 

"Mix Sunset Glaze with water. After decoration, keep the remaining glaze in the refrigerator"

Working method


Mixing phase 1 

  • 3 min. slow - 4 min. fast.

Mixing phase 2 

  • Add Aristo Primeur Cake. 3 min. slow - 4 min. fast.
  • Dough temperature 28°C.
  • Scale 
  • Divide the dough into 2 pieces:
  • * 600 g => for the envelope (to be used afterwards).
  • * 1000 g => for the sugar dough.

Mixing phase 3 

  • Mix the 1000 g of dough 1 min. slow with 300 g of pearl sugar (P4).
  • Bulk fermentation 15 min.

Make up

  • Scale 4 x 325 g for the dough with sugar + 4 x 150 g for the envelope.
  • Intermediate proof 15 min.
  • Make up Roll out the dough piece for the envelope and mould around the dough with sugar.
  • Final fermentation +/- 60 min. - 28°C - 80% RH.

Decoration before baking

  • Brush with glaze, cut and sprinkle with pearl sugar (P4).


  • Oven temperature +/- 190°C.
  • Baking time +/- 30 min.

"For a delicious chocolate sugar bread: add 200 g of chocolate Belcolade Grains Noir Selection and 100 g of pearl sugar (P4) instead of 300 g of pearl sugar (P4)."

More recipes or information?

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