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Choco Kalamansi

Choco Kalamansi recipe

6 Mar 2019



  • Milk - 900 g 
  • Cream 35% - 100 g 
  • Kalamansi juice - 100 g 
  • Sugar - 20 g 
  • Belcolade Origins Lait Vietnam 45 Cacao-Trace - 70 g 
  • Belcolade Origins Noir Vietnam 73 Cacao-Trace - 250 g

Working method

  • Heat up the cream, milk and sugar. Pour onto the chocolates and mix to obtain a smooth texture. 
  • Heat up the kalamansi juice, add it and mix again. 
  • Serve at 85°C.

Serving tip

Serve in a glass. Top it off with hot milk foam and decorate with some fresh passion fruit pulp mixed with Puratos Miroir Neutral.


You can replace the kalamansi juice with passion fruit juice or lime juice.