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Cheesecake Popsicle

30 Sep 2016


Cheesecake pop on a stick for both a convenient and tasty autumn treat!

Moist Cake


  • 500 g of Tegral Satin Moist Cake Dark  
  • 200 g of whole eggs
  • 200 g of Oil  
  • 100 g of Water 

Working method

  1. Mix all ingredients with a paddle, 5 min medium speed   
  2. Spread a sheet & bake in deck oven at 180°C 14-16 min



  • Q.S. of Baked Moist Cake 
  • Q.S. of Deli Cheesecake 
  • Q.S. of licorice stick
  • Q.S. of Carat Coverlux Dark

Working method:

  1. In a flexipan, build layers of cake & cheesecake Puratos 
  2. Bake in deck oven at 160°C approx. 30 min Place last year of cake on top, cover & let cool down 
  3. Place a stick of licorice stick in the middle & freeze to unmold Dip room tempered lollipops in Carat Coverlux Dark at 45°C

Get inspired with Deli cheesecake!

Cheesecake is consumed at a vast range of occasions, either as an individual portion or a whole cake dessert. Personalise your cheesecake by enriching it with different aromas, fillings and glazes, and many other patisserie products. Looking to get more inspiration or information or for us to work together towards a delicious cheesecake recipe for your customers? Visit our website or contact your local Puratos representative.