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Recipe : Bostock - France




Almond cream


Working Method:


  1. Mixing - Mix all the ingredients - except the Mimetic Incorporation - in a mixing bowl with a hook for 5 min. at low speed. Increase the speed and incorporate the Mimetic Incorporation little by little. Stop the mixer when the dough has enough elasticity and becomes shiny.
  2. Scale - Give the dough a 30 min. bulk proof at ambient temp. The scale at 185 g for a disc of 10 cm diameter and 12 cm high. Proof for ± 1,5 hours at 30°C with 85% humidity.
  3. Baking - Bake in a convection oven at 180°C for ± 20 min.


  1. Fill - Laminate Carat Nutolade in between 2 sheets of baking paper at 4mm.
  2. Cut - Freeze to be able to cut some discs with a 0,5cm smaller diameter than the disc of the brioche (9,5cm).

Almond cream

  1. Mixing - Cream the sugar and butter in a mixer with a paddle attachment. Add the eggs. Add the PatisFrance Amandes Râpées and CPT. Mix at medium speed for 3 min.
  2. Cutting - Laminate the cream in between 2 sheets of baking paper at 4 mm. Freeze to be able to cut some discs with a 0,5 cm smaller diameter than the disc of the brioche (9,5cm).


  1. Boil - Clean & peel the orange & lemon. Boil the orange & lemon peel together with all other ingredients in a sauce pan.
  2. Soak - Cool down to 50°C and soak the brioche.


  1. Cut & fill - Cut the brioche into 2 discs of each 2 cm thick and 10 cm diameter. Slightly soak each disc with the syrup. Apply a disc of Carat Nutolade* in between two discs of slightly soaked brioche.Top off with a disc of almond cream. Sprinkle some roasted hazelnut on top.
  2. Bake - Bake in a deck oven at 180°C until a golden color is obtained. Decorate with icing sugar and serve warm.

Easy Soft’r

  • Adapt to local Soft’r & local benefits
  • Increase shelf life of medium to sweet bakery goods
  • Contain the latest enzyme and emulsifier technology
  • To have a great texture untill end of shelf life

Carat Nutolade

  • Carat Nutolade is a range of premium tasting fat-based fillings with at least 12% of nut paste
  • It can be used in a lot of different applications
  • The product is easy to inject after baking, freeze-thaw stable and can be baked in closed applications
  • Available also in intense flavors: Hazelnut, Amande Noisette, Pistachio, White Nutty

Puratos CPT

  • The authentic custard cream mouthfeel
  • Rich in boiled milk taste
  • Consistent quality

Market insights & consumer trends

  • On the go snacking
  • Reduce waste by using stale bread
  • Chocolate and nuts are preferred tastes in patisserie

Shelf life: 1 week.

RSP & margin%: TBD locally

Freezable: Yes

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