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Belgian waffle

Recipe : Belgian waffle - Belgium




Working Method:


  1. Mixing - Warm the milk a little. Put the yeast and dissolve it in the milk. Add all other ingredients and make a smooth dough. Let it rest for 1 hour.


  1. Shaping - Roll the dough 1.8 mm. Cut long stripes from it 8.5 cm by 30 cm.
  2. Filling - Apply a rectangle of frozen Topfil Finest Strawberry 70% or Topfil Finest Cherry 70% of 7 cm by 11.5 cm on the waffle dough. Using egg wash, wrap the frozen filling ( about 90 gr) into the dough.
  3. Baking - Bake in the iron till golden brown on nr. 4.

Topfil Finest strawberry 70%

Topfil with higher fruit content is a good solution to naturally sweeten your product. It contains natural sugar from the fruits and pinch of added sugar.

  • Authentic taste & texture
  • Bake & freeze-thaw stable
  • Convenience & constant quality vs homemade preparations


Mimetic is a new generation of specialty fat for incorporation providing real butter sensation.

  • Plant-based premium quality end-product
  • Excellent melting behavior and intense taste
  • Ease of use like margarine, incl. ambiant storage
  • Cost reduction vs butter

Market insights & consumer trends

For consumers today, the taste is more than just flavor. The texture is now a key component of taste. Consumers now evaluate the texture and pay as much attention to a special, delicious, appealing texture as to flavor.

Shelf life: based on the logistical process

RSP & Margin %: TBD locally

Freezable: Yes

Country guidance:

You can replace Topfil Finest strawberries by the delicious Topfil Finest cherry or banana!

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