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Beer Pralines!

6 Aug 2015


A dark coloured 40% milk chocolate with the bitterness of dark chocolate sweetened with a milky note and a subtle taste of Belgian Beer!


Beer Ganache

  • 210 g of Hopped La Chouffe Beer 
  • 75 g of Invert Sugar 
  • 510 g of Belcolade Lait Supreme, ZA306/G 
  • 80 g of Butter 

Additional ingredient

  • Belcolade Noir Pur Amer, 73-27-42

Preparation method:

  1. Boil the hopped La Chouffe beer with the invert sugar. 
  2. Pour onto the Belcolade Lait Supreme and mix. 
  3. When it reaches 35 °C add the cold butter and mix with a hand mixer. 
  4. Pour into a frame of 9 mm high and let it crystallize for 12 hours at 18 °C with a humidity below 60 %. 
  5. Temper the milk chocolate and spread a thin layer of the tempered Belcolade Lait Supreme on the ganache side. 
  6. When it’s crystallized, turn it and spread another thin layer of tempered Belcolade Lait Supreme on the other side. 
  7. Cut it with the guitar into 1 cm by 4 cm shapes.
  8. Finally, enrobe with tempered Belcolade Noir Pur Amer before placing it partly on top a plastic sheet.

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