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Recipe: Praline Cornetto Snack

4 Jul 2018



  1. Mini cornetto waffle
  2. Cruncy scoop

Ingredients Cruncy scoop

  • 600 g of PatisFrance diced white hazelnuts*
  • 200 g of PatisFrance diced pistachio*
  • 100 g of PatisFrance Crousticrep blond*
  • 800 g of Carat Coverlux Milk*
  • 100 g of Water
  • 240 g of Sugar


* Puratos products

Working Method


  1. Boil the water and the sugar till 118°C
  2. Add the hazelnuts and pistachio
  3. Take the pan from the heat and mix well until the sugar becomes dry and hard.


  1. Take the cooled down pistachio and hazelnuts.
  2. Pour them in a pan and heat up by continuous mixing to caramelize sugar around the nuts. 
  3. When the nuts are well caramelized spread them out on a paper.
  4. When cooled down mix with the PatisFrance Crousticrep.
  5. Melt the Carat Coverlux and mix all ingredients. 
  6. When well mixed take an ice scoop and scoop some on top of the waffle and let set in a fride of 4°C for 3 min.