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7 reasons to apply as a product manager at Puratos

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11 Feb 2020

As a Product Manager (PM) at Puratos, you have to master a lot of skills. Business developer, marketeer, trainer… you have to be a bit of everything. This diversity is just one of the many reasons for people to apply for this job.

As Puratos is growing and therefore looking for new product managers, we asked four PMs to describe their job and the company. Their answers were published in the article ‘Being a product manager at Puratos’. Because the enthusiasm of these four colleagues didn’t fit in one article, we present you 7 extra reasons to apply at Puratos.

1. International scope

2. Warm company culture

3. Dynamic and entrepreneurial environment

4. In close contact with colleagues

5. Diversity of the job

6. Innovation in close contact with customers

7. Sustainability as a core value