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Mission and Vision

At Puratos, we know that people around the world care more and more about the quality of their food. By observing and analysing the world around us, with regards to what makes the essence of our group – our DNA – we have defined our vision of the future on which relies our company’s long term strategic direction.

Our vision

We believe that people will attach more and more importance to the quality of their food in the future.

Our mission statement

At Puratos, we are close to customers and consumers everywhere. We turn technologies and experiences from food cultures around the world into new opportunities to help customers be more successful with their business.

Our goal is to give our customers absolute peace of mind. And thanks to our global presence and our understanding of different cultures, we also aim to be a source of creativity and new ideas, whilst offering our people the best possible opportunities for professional development.

We work with our customers as partners every step of the way, so they can continue to offer the best to their clients. Our aim is to be their reliable partners in innovation.

Being our customer’s reliable partners in innovation requires our full attention at every moment. Our way of doing things and our values help us achieve our aims.

They guide everything we do, because earning our customers’ trust requires a seamless approach in terms of quality and service.

Our logo

We have adopted the unicorn as our logo as a symbol of ethics and courage. The famous mythological animal represents everything we stand for.

Our Customers

Our customers tend to be artisans, industrial manufacturers, supermarkets, and food service companies. Everything we do is for them.

Our Way of Acting

We value our partnership with our customers, employees and partners. Our Puratos way of acting is based on trust which is at the heart of everything we do. It is at the core of all our values and allows us to be reliable partners in innovation to our many customers around the world.