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Sproutgrain are ready-to-use, sprouted and fermented whole grains & seeds. It’s a unique product that allies both health and taste.

  • Tender sprouted and fermented wholegrains
  • Association of the wholegrain and sprouting health benefits with a unique sweet taste
  • Add Sproutgrain to any dough to reinvent your grainy range.
  • Ready to use, easy to use. Endless applications, endless creativity.

Health & Well-Being
Grains & Seeds

Where health meets taste

Surveys show that today, 73% of consumers regard wholegrains as a healthy and tasty addition to their daily diet. However, there are significant challenges to making good wholegrain bread: balancing grains and seeds, avoiding the fast drying of the crumb, avoiding hard grains, and ensuring there are no off flavours.

The future of bread lies in its past

Since we believe that the future of bread lies in its past, we inspired ourselves of the the ancient techniques of Chinese sailors that used to sprout the grains to enjoy the pre-digestion and other health benefits. Therefore, Puratos developed Sproutgrain: ready-to-use wholegrains and seeds that have been sprouted and fermented for an extraordinary taste.

“Sproutgrain: when health meets taste.”

Customer advantages
  • Innovation and differentiation opportunities
  • Convenience: Ready-to-use and easy-to-use
  • Versatility : Endless applications, endless creativity
Consumer advantages
  • A unique sweet taste at every bite
  • A bread that stays naturally fresh
  • Health benefits: Source of/rich in vitamins & minerals and in fibers and release of the micro-nutrients

Bake it with Sprouted grains

Our range

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