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Packaged Bread Improvers

When it comes to bread, two of the most important consumer criteria are texture and shelf life. Through our extensive sensory research, at Puratos we have developed genuine expertise in texture. We validate all our solutions via instrumental and sensory analysis, and carry out consumer preference studies in our mobile analysis lab, Sensobus.


Puratos Soft’r improvers are designed for packaged breads. They contain the newest enzyme and emulsifier technologies, providing wonderful product texture for entire shelf life duration. In addition, modular ingredients help to improve texture properties and achieve recipe cost reduction.

Soft'r Melting

The Soft’r Melting technology allows you to create an optimal melting texture in medium and sweet bread applications. A texture which lasts until the end of your product’s shelf life. Until now, available applications have either been moist but not resilient, or soft and resilient but too dry. 

But thanks to our expert innovations, Soft’r Melting enables products to combine the following four texture parameters:

  • Optimal moistness
  • Outstanding softness 
  • Excellent resilience
  • Very short bite 

Our Soft’r Melting technology also enables you to reduce waste, as the breads remain fresher for longer, and can be the perfect solution if you’re looking to expand your distribution network globally.


Our Intens range are modular solutions for the bakery industry that enables the fast and flexible implementation of new products.

These solutions are based on the latest ingredient research and development and improve the functionality of dough and bread. They can be used in a wide range of bakery applications, including toast bread, buns, flat breads, croissant, brioche and Baguettes.

Our extensive range of Intens products are divided according to their primary functionality and benefits:

  • Dough Rheology
  • Visual & Shape
  • Shelf life
  • Texture
  • Nutrition
  • Cost Reduction


Puraslim is a range of bread improvers and mixes that allows you to bake rich breads with fantastic taste, texture and freshness. At the same, Puraslim improvers help to reduce total fat, saturated fat and caloric content, meaning your applications will not only taste great but offer genuine nutritional balance.

With Puraslim, bakers can increase profitability by reducing their reliance on expensive ingredients, such as fats, and adding more water. This leads to a significant reduction in total recipe costs. For example, with Puraslim improvers and mixes, the recipe cost of brioche bread can be reduced by up to 15% compared to a standard recipe, with no discernible difference in product qualities or characteristics.

Bread Improver

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