A story about rye bread

15 Feb 2017

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In some regions close to unknown, in others a well-established bread; how come?

Rye breads

Rye bread is amongst the most appreciated breads in northern European countries. Take Denmark, for example. Puratos Technical Advisor, Rene Nielsen, mentions that some Danish people like their rye breads so much, they take it with them when going abroad. Likewise, centuries ago the Vikings did the same when setting sail. Provisions of smoked fish and rye flatbreads provided the Vikings a long lasting food supply for their journeys.

Some Danish people like their rye breads so much, they take it with them when going abroad.

Resists cold climates

Rye withstands a cold climate better than other grains do. No wonder mostly rye is grown in Northern Europe. Before modern transportations made wheat globally available, rye was often the only option for bread baking. That’s why, over the centuries, northern European bakers mastered the skills of making excellent rye breads. For instance, bakers discovered that rye breads require a lot of steam in the baking process. Therefore, in Iceland they started sealing their breads and bake them underground using the steam from natural geothermal springs. Bakers also discovered the benefits of using good sourdoughs in their rye breads. 

Today, all over the world, people are discovering the benefits of rye bread. For instance, rye is high in fibers. These fibers in rye bread bring a lot of healthiness. Rye fiber is beneficial for the digestion, and can help prevent constipation. Whether it is because of its great taste, or the health; rye bread is a bread crafted to perfection, that can be appreciated by everyone.

Intense flavour

Good rye bread has a distinctive, complex flavour. Sourdough adds the slightly sour, fruity and malted flavours, making the bread extra rich. The acidity coming from sourdough helps limit the starch breakdown and makes the dough more elastic. This way the rye bread can manage to retain the carbon dioxide better. Furthermore, sourdough improves the slice-ability of the bread.


Sapore is a range of sourdough and other flavouring solutions based on fermentation. It offers a natural, traditional and differentiating taste and structure to finished baked products. By playing with the dosage and combining several different Sapores, you can create your own unique signature bread.

Experience the Puratos products

At Puratos we propose a wide range of rye sourdoughs and rye grains such as Softgrain Sprouted Rye, enabling you to include the benefits of rye in many of your end-products, year-round. Sapore Aroldo is an example of an outstanding sourdough that helps to improve rye breads. Sapore Aroldo helps the rise of the bread and lends it rye notes and a prickling acidity.

Experience the benefits of a rye sourdough with this recipe for Danish rye bread.

Visit our website or contact your local Puratos representative to find out more about Sapore and Softgrain.