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Frozen Bread Improvers

Frozen doughs and bake-off breads are a strong rising bakery segment, answering consumers demand for all-day fresh bakery products. Building on a cutting-edge expertise on frozen processes, recipes and ingredients, Puratos has developed a complete range of frozen bread solutions which meet both bread manufacturers challenges and consumers expectations.

What are the benefits of using Puratos frozen bread improvers?

Every frozen bread process implies specific challenges for the dough development and/or bread quality.

Double Bake

For the bake-off breads obtained through a Parbaked frozen method, Double Bake frozen bread improvers are designed to avoid the flaking issues and to extend the freshness of the bread after the second baking at the point of sale.

Quick Step

Ready to bake products which are manufactured with Prefermented frozen bread methods are particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations during the frozen shelf life. Quick Step improvers allow to avoid gluten damages that can occur during the frozen storage and that eventually affect the volume of the baked product.


For frozen doughs and Unfermented frozen bread processes, Kimo improvers are designed to guarantee an optimal fermentation and final volume after freezing.

Innovation Inspired by nature

A whole new generation of enzymes has been discovered in some of the most amazing locations on Earth, leading to innovative products and bread functionalities.

Intens Strength

In an expedition to the Antarctic, one of the coldest places on Earth, a unique new family of xylanase enzymes were discovered. Coming from a cold region, these enzymes have optimal activity at much lower temperatures compared to other enzymes. This means that their strength and tolerance properties will come into play even in cold doughs. Puratos Intens Strength is made with this enzyme and especially suited for improvers in frozen bakery and related applications.

Beyond the Frozen Challenge

To provide the best and most complete support to frozen bread manufacturers, Puratos has brought together experts to share the latest state of the art content in their respective field.

Partnering up with universities for technological innovation projects, co-creating solutions with key equipment suppliers, revealing consumers insights and future expectations with study agencies, Puratos plays a pivot role in shaping the future of the frozen bread sector.

Through this initiative, usually taking the form of Beyond the Frozen Challenge events or dedicated workshops, we commit to devote this knowledge and passion to the frozen bread manufacturers and their businesses.

Bread Improver

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