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Innovation & differentiation

Make your products stand out with bakery and pastry fillings that deliver new concepts, enhanced freshness, maximum nutrition and authentic flavours from around the world.

Explore new concepts

Become a market pioneer with dynamic, on-trend pastry and cake fillings and that match your ambition.

How can a large sweet goods producer innovate in a mature cake market?

Japan is years ahead in cake innovation. Value is part of the Japanese culture and cakes such as steam cakes, Dora Yaki and Manju cakes are highly valued as souvenir gifts.

Japanese cakes are often filled with local flavours such as red beans and mung beans. Elsewhere, their friendly and amusing shapes make them a perfect product concept for children. The success of this idea has been demonstrated by one of our customers, who wanted to bring consumers flavours they know and love (like chocolate or cherry) in a novel and playful way.

Fruitful collaboration with equipment supplier

Our customer, a market leader in sweet goods production, discovered the concept at IBIE and asked us to adapt the fillings to meet their requirements for taste, shelf-life and labelling.

In response to our customer’s brief, we developed Cremfil and Vivafil chocolate, cream and fruit fillings, specifically adapted for the sophisticated production equipment required to create Japanese-style cakes.

In close collaboration with machinery supplier Masdac, we developed all-round production solutions, enabling our customer to become the first to market with an innovative, tasty and fun cake concept.

Delight with flavours of origin

Increasingly, people want to explore international flavours. Our authentic fillings help you to differentiate your products and satisfy consumer demand and curiosity.

How can a large cake producer extend its existing line of fruit pies?

By being close to our customers and consumers, we can turn technologies and research into new opportunities to help bakers boost their business.

Defining line extensions

A large cake producer wanted to extend its line of fruit pies, which were available in just two flavours. Together with the customer, we agreed to test five different flavours of Topfil fruit fillings, from mainstream options to surprising combinations such as orange and sea-buckthorn.

The test was conducted in our unique and fully-equipped mobile sensory analysis lab, Sensobus. We visited a location and identified consumer preferences on the spot. Our researchers analysed the sensory input of respondents and were immediately able to tell our customer which fillings would be most suitable for their consumers.

The two fillings with the highest purchase potential were selected and launched just one month later. And guess what? Consumers chose Topfil orange and sea-buckthorn as one of their favourites!

Attract with nutrition and labelling

Consumers often look for healthy options, such as preservative-free products, natural colours and flavours, kcal reduction and cleaner labels.

How can we reduce the fat and calories in baked goods?

People are attaching more and more importance to the quality of their food. They demand products that provide both taste and nutritional value, giving pleasure while helping to maintain health and wellbeing.

Even in chocolate there is a shift towards ‘Better For You’ products. Industrial bakers are opting for chocolate fillings with enhanced nutritional profiles. These developments are often the result of pressure from governments imposing specific nutritional standards for products aimed at children.

Improving the nutritional value of soft sweet goods

A famous coffee chain with a worldwide presence planned to re-launch their chocolate muffin. With reduced fat levels, it was intended to meet consumer demand for indulgence, health and convenience.

In response, we developed a Cremfil Ultim Chocolate with 25% chocolate but only 9% fat. As the un-filled muffin contained 22% fat, this chocolate filling succeeded in improving the product’s pleasure potential as well as its nutritional value.

Another customer, a large manufacturer of sweet goods, wanted to improve the nutritional balance of its popular cream-filled brioche. We were invited to present solutions to replace the customer’s fat-based cream with a water-based filling. The challenge was to keep as close as possible to the original product in terms of taste and texture.

Our answer was a Cremfil Ultim Hazelnut, which made a significant impact on the nutritional profile of the brioche. We achieved a 20% reduction in calories, a 46% reduction in fats and a 100% reduction in saturates, meeting the official recommended nutritional ratios for schools.



Deli Cheesecake

Deli Cheesecake

Creamy and comforting with just a hint of crunch, cheesecake is the ultimate dessert.

Cremfil Ultim

Cremfil Ultim

Your customers will love this irresistible range of nut and chocolate fillings that preserves the freshness of soft baked patisserie and bakery goods.

Topfil Finest

Topfil Finest

Newest generation of fruit fillings that are providing the sensation of enjoying freshly picked fruit and are full clean label. Perfect to use in fresh and frozen patisserie and bakery applications before and after baking. Discover it now!

Patisfrance Starfruit

Patisfrance Starfruit

Pasteurized fruit purées to use as flavour or filling in your creations.



Classic & Summum are concentrated flavouring pastes made with fruit juice extracts and fruit purees for flexible, everyday and multipurpose flavouring.



Highly performing fruit fillings with exceptional bake stability and/or to use in long shelf life applications. Discover them now!



Fruit fillings with a delicious taste of nature. Perfect to use in fresh and frozen patisserie and bakery applications before and after baking. Discover them now!



Deli is a top quality range of rich cream filling preparations that make good baking taste great.