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The Éclair: the origin of an emblematic French classic

The Éclair

Loved by all, the classic chocolate Éclair is a French pastry that combines a delicious chocolate custard cream with a soft, tender pastry, finished with a chocolate coating. But why stop at tradition?

As a leading supplier of ingredients and solutions for bakery and patisserie, at Puratos we specialize in providing bakers and patissiers with the essential elements necessary to elevate their éclair offerings. With our expertise and comprehensive range of ingredients, we are committed to making the lives of our customers easier and helping them thrive in their businesses.

Join us as we explore the creativity that Éclairs inspire – from the classic recipe that has charmed taste buds for generations to creative, healthy and sustainable re-inventions that answer the latest consumer trends. 


Have you ever wondered about the origin of your beloved Éclair?

Choux pastry goes back a long time, first appearing as a salty recipe in a Roman cookbook from the 1st century. Its evolution into a renowned and beloved sweet treat started in the 16th century in France, when Italian noblewoman Catherine de Medici introduced it to the French court after marrying King Henry III of France.

The popularity of choux pastry and creativity of French bakers led to the creation of the Éclair, a French baking masterpiece. Later, in the 19th century, the invention of the pastry bag further refined this delicacy and gave it its iconic shape.

The Éclair, intriguingly named "lightning", captures hearts worldwide today. It stands as a symbol of fine baking, adored by dessert enthusiasts and professional bakers. Have you tried your hand at mastering this iconic pastry?

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