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Take a step up with responsibly sourced fruits

11 Mar 2022

Consumer Insights

Puratos takes care of people and the planet

At Puratos, we believe that there is an urgent need to reduce our environmental footprint in order to preserve our planet for future generations. We aim to embed our social responsibilities into our entire value chain, going from the sourcing of raw materials up to the usage of our products by customers and consumers.  

To manufacture high-quality ingredients for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry, Puratos sources many different raw materials from around the world. As for our fruit fillings, we are working closely together with our fruit farmers to improve the supply chain and promote responsible sourcing for a better planet.

Responsible fruit sourcing program

At Puratos, we source fruits as a raw material from local farmers all over the world that share our values.  We are aiming at a more sustainable, transparent fruit sourcing process creating value along the whole supply chain. “We are involving a new generation of fruit farmers that is conscious about its impact on the planet”, says Frederic Flament, the  R&D Manager Fruit Sourcing at Puratos. “Our decentralized structure with 30 production lines worldwide allows us to connect those local fruit growers with our local customers in full transparency. The responsible fruit sourcing program makes sure our fruit growers take care not only of their fruits and the soil, but also of their employees working the fields.”

Puratos has identified two points of improvement within the supply chain of our food products: ethics and pesticides. 

Safe soil, water and fruits

"We support local fruit growers in the transition from a degenerative agricultural model to a regenerative agricultural model. Together with external partners, we are helping farmers to grow fruit with less impact on the planet including reducing water consumption and CO2-emission”, Flament explains. “Another example is our Puratos Fruit Pesticide Policy where we banned 119 pesticides clearly identified as harmful for human health and the environment as stated by the World Health Organization.” 

Fair working conditions

For us, responsible sourcing goes further than food safety and environmentally friendly farming. Good working conditions of our fruit growers matter too. The Puratos Code of Conduct focuses on ethical aspects such as contracts and health and safety measures. Discrimination based on for instance gender, class or sexual orientation is prohibited. And most importantly: together with our suppliers we are committing ourselves to end forced child labor. The Code of Conduct bans all forms of unlawful employment or exploitation of children. “Globally we are mapping, engaging, monitoring and training our different production sites and fruit suppliers to make sure our fruit growers apply our code of conduct principles”, Flament says.  

Field to fork program

Taste Tomorrow confirms that never before consumers have been so conscious about the stories behind their food. Our Field to Fork program is the perfect answer to this need, creating value across the full value chain