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Meet (and eat) the future of fruit sourcing

11 Mar 2022

Consumer Insights

Meet (and eat) the future of fruit sourcing

Sustainability is high on our agenda. We have committed to being a company that has a positive impact on people everywhere. At Puratos, we believe that sustainability should be embedded into the entire value chain, going from the sourcing of raw materials up to the usage of our products by customers and consumers. A great example of that is our local and transparent fruit sourcing program that is adding real value from farmer to consumer.


Transparency from field to fork

Responsible Sourcing and Community are two important pillars of the Puratos Sustainability strategy, or as we like to call it: our commitments to you and to future generations. We believe that local and transparent ingredient sourcing is an integral aspect of sustainability. Moreover, Puratos is committed to contributing to the communities in which we operate. 

That is why we source fruits locally as much as possible, from apple farmers in Mexico to blueberry growers in Canada. We work directly with fruit farmers worldwide, share insights and expertise, all to make sure that the fruits that are used in Puratos products are of the top quality, grown sustainably and sourced with full transparency. 

Value creation for the local communities

All stakeholders benefit from the local fruit production: the farmers, first transformers, customers and end consumers. In order to create value across the chain, we work closely with local farmers and their communities. Sr Angel, the owner of an apple farm in Mexico, is receiving a fair price in exchange for farming practices that are in line with our responsible fruit sourcing policy. Our farmers are confident that the fruits of their labor will always be priced fairly, so they can focus on what they are doing best. In the case of Sr Angel, it is taking care of his apple trees, so they deliver the best apples. In the end, this will help to create value across the supply chain from the farmer to the final consumer. 

More fruit, less of the rest

Supplying the fruit directly from the farmers enables us to use fruits at their prime. We process the harvested fruits quickly to maintain the optimal flavor, so you can make the most appetizing cakes and pastries for your customers. When we create our fruit fillings, our motto is ‘more fruit, less of the rest’, which means that the natural characteristics of the fruits are always put in the spotlight. The locally and transparently sourced fruit fillings contain up to 90% top-quality fruit! We use local varieties as much as possible to highlight regional heritage, carefully balancing between innovative processing techniques and classic consumer tastes. 

Keeping conscious consumers happy

66% of consumers believe food made with local ingredients is better for the environment. Conscious consumers want to support local farmers with fair pricing and prefer products that are locally produced. 

What could our local and transparent fruit scouring program offer you, our customers?

  • A chance to support local farmers
  • Working with fruits fillings from local varieties
  • Profiting from a natural taste of fruit fillings with up to 90% of top-quality fruit!
  • Responding to the consumer call for transparency

Curious to discover our local and transparent fruit sourcing stories? Discover our local and transparent fruit sourcing program and ask your samples to eat the future! 

Field to fork program

Taste Tomorrow confirms that never before consumers have been so conscious about the stories behind their food. Our Field to Fork program is the perfect answer to this need, creating value across the full value chain

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