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Food Innovation for Good

Food has extraordinary power in our lives: the power to nourish, to comfort, and even, the unique power to heal. Food innovation is energy for good. That is why we constantly strive to grow our positive impact by creating innovative food solutions that promote health & well-being and steadily move businesses, customers, people, and the planet forward.

We aim to combine a long history of expertise with the very latest innovation and trends, to make the future of food a reality today. These global and local insights will help your business to stay connected to your customers and discover new opportunities.

We are dedicated to creating a positive impact on society and we do not take this great responsibility lightly. With our commitments to you and to future generations, we are devoted to a holistic operating model, one that is sustainable, respectful and balanced.

Bakery, patisserie and chocolate as inspiration

Passion, quality, and commitment to continuous improvement. These are the values we have in common with you, our customers. Discover our latest food solutions, in which we combine the best ingredients with expertise in bakery, patisserie, and chocolate.  


Over 250 generations of bakers have kneaded their hearts and their souls into bread. By getting the most from breads heritage and respecting its three cornerstones – health, taste, texture – we move the heritage of bread forward, and help bakers be successful with their business. 


More than ever, consumers crave authentic, delicious patisserie creations. Re-invent patisserie with Puratos by adding exciting textures and flavors, and creating healthier or more sustainable versions of already so well-known patisserie classics. 


Incomparable in taste, chocolate holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. At Puratos, we are building a better future for cocoa with a game-changing Cacao-Trace program. Create a positive impact on the lives of cocoa farmers while offering your customers the finest quality chocolate applications. 

Customers we serve

Making you successful in your business, that’s our ambition. We speak your language. We know your customers and market. From innovation to inspiration, we’re here to help grow your business. 

We share your passion for craft and want to help you succeed by adding a sprinkle of support and inspiration to the mixture.

We understand how complicated your business can be. By understanding your specific needs as well as the customer’s expectations, we are here to help you.

Create delicious, highly nutritional recipes, while achieving cost-effective operational efficiency. 

With our thorough understanding of your business objectives and our insights on consumer’s expectation, we help you to grow your business actively. 

Grow your customer base and introduce new ingredient solutions to your existing customers.  We’re here to support you along the way.

Want to expand but also retain your artisanal charm? As you face fierce competition from artisan bakers and modern retailers, we help you to differentiate.

Immerse in a world of superior taste! We support you in the transition towards sustainability while offering your customers the finest quality chocolate.

Grow your business with our services

We combine more than a century of expertise with the very latest innovation and trends, to make the future of food a reality today.

Discover new business opportunities with the latest global and local trends that Taste Tomorrow offers.

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Test new products, pricing, marketing and communication concepts by finding out your consumer’s preferences.

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Our global team is always ready to share its knowledge with you, helping you create some of the world’s finest finished goods!

Develop further your skills in bakery, patisserie and chocolate making and learn to maximize technological innovation and efficiency.

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While consumers are always happy to sample a good cake, they’re not always sure how to describe their experience. Thanks to our experts in Puratos’ sensory lab, you will not only get clear feedback, but also will be able to translate it into actionable product improvements.  

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How to stand out in a highly competitive market? Attract and retain customers by offering a balanced product range and service tailored to their needs.

While considering the specifics of your product range, trends, store demographics, and sales data, we are keen to help you communicate with your target shoppers as effectively as possible. 

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Create a personalized webshop in a quick and professional way. Having a webshop enables your customers to place orders more easily, thus generating additional sales. 

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Latest trends, news and recipes

Discover inspirational recipes, ideas, and the latest industry news. We can’t wait to set the spark of collaborative inspiration into motion!

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Careers at Puratos

Careers at Puratos

Great People Make All The Difference
People are at the heart of everything we do. At Puratos, we firmly believe that excellent people are behind our group’s success. We are always on the lookout for new talent and would love to have you on board! Interested in joining our global team?