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Cost reduction solutions for bakery and patisserie

Quality baking, lower cost

In today's dynamic market, we face a constant challenge: fluctuating raw material costs. The prices of essentials like fat, eggs and gluten seem to rise unexpectedly, hurting profitability.

In this context, we have developed 9 solutions enabling to reduce costs in cakes, (sweet) breads and laminated pastries, without compromising on quality. Our solutions are convenient, easy to implement without changes in process or equipment

We are here to support you every step of the way, providing expert guidance and unrivaled technical support.

Acti Egg Reduction
Reduce up to 15% of eggs in cakes, for an estimated saving of 10% on egg cost*.
Intens Egg Replacement
Reduce up to 100% of eggs in sweet breads, for an estimated saving of 3% on egg cost*.
Replace fat with our plant-based alternative in cakes or laminated pastries, for an estimate cost saving of 30% on fat cost*.
Reduce up to 75% of fat in sweet breads, for an estimated saving of 50% on fast cost*.
Acti Fat Reduction
Reduce up to 30% of fats in cakes, for an estimated saving of 10% on fat cost*.
Intens Gluten Replacement
Replace gluten in breads, for an estimated cost saving of 5% on gluten cost*.
Intens Soft & Fine
Replace monoglycerides in breads, for an estimated saving of 33% on emulsifiers cost, while giving softness and fineness to the crumb*.
Acti Clean(er) Label
Replace non-whipping emulsifiers (monoglycerides) in cakes, for an estimated saving of 17% on emulsifiers cost, while cleaning the label of your cake*.
Topfil Smooth
Replace jams in short shelf life and / or frozen cakes and pastries, for an estimated saving of 10% on jam cost*.
Discover the benefits of our solutions

*Depending on the recipe, the cost of the ingredients, and other external factors outside of our control.

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Why choosing our innovative solutions?

Save and stabilize costs

While the cost of raw materials such as butter and eggs is subject to fluctuating prices, the prices of our alternatives remain stable. This allows you to remain competitive in a dynamic market.

 Availability of ingredients

The supply of many raw materials is becoming harder to secure. By choosing alternatives, you are also choosing for constant availability

Consistent quality

By using our solutions, you do not comprise on quality. Your goods will continue to meet the highest standard.

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Helping you mitigate costs through innovative solutions

We're dedicated to helping our customers mitigate costs; whether looking at alternative, lower-cost ingredients, advice on keeping business costs down, or communicating price increases to your customers, we're here to help.