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Championing your success

As a retailer, you have your own objectives to grow your business actively. We see it as our mission to support you to make your business prosper and to be successful in what you do. Our partnership therefore goes beyond the supply of healthy and sustainable ingredients. With our understanding of your objectives and insights on consumer’s expectation, we offer you the category management support you need to meet these expectations. In addition, we also collaborate with you to develop the most efficient production process or by helping you coordinating production partners.

How can we help?

Category Management advice

Create the authentic bakery feeling shoppers are looking for. We offer you advice to give you the best product range with innovative solutions and merchandising to attract shoppers. Moreover, we support you with regulatory and labelling advice.

Innovative collaboration

Our international team of experts is on hand to collaborate with you on new bakery or patisserie finished goods. We would be happy to welcome you during our innovation days in one of the 88 Innovation Centers around the world.

Latest consumer insights

Stay connected to your customers and discover new opportunities thanks to Taste Tomorrow. This unique research ecosystem tracks local and global consumer behavior, attitudes and choices that will provide you with valuable, in-depth insights.

Healthier and more sustainable

In today’s market, consumers are looking for healthier and more sustainable products while also calculating the impact your finished goods have on the planet. Our experts help you improve the nutritional value of your finished goods, while our life cycle assessment (LCA) tool helps accelerate your sustainability goals.

Expert advice anytime

Our Digital AdvisAR tool connects you to Puratos experts via augmented reality to help with trouble-shooting and problem-solving. It is a fast and user-friendly solution if you’re seeking immediate expert advice on recipe, technical and quality challenges.

We know the end consumer

We track continuously local and global consumer behaviours, attitudes and choices which provides us valuable, in-depth consumer insights. Discover here the latest insights and trends within your domain.


Discover new recipes

Rye Pocket Bread

Rye Pocket Bread

Discover wholesome Finnish rye pocket breads, a versatile and tasty choice for families! These pocket breads, popular in Finland, make for a practical and delightful treat, especially for kids after a school day.

Limpa with a twist

Limpa with a twist

The limpa is a classic Swedish bread that blends rye and wheat flours with a touch of rye sourdough. Discover our twist of this traditional recipe, which features sweet notes from rye sprouted grains.

Bressane Pistachio

Bressane Pistachio

Delicious Bressane Pistachio Recipe: A unique flavor combination for bakers!

Bressane Chocolate

Bressane Chocolate

Indulge in Bressane Chocolate: Rich flavors, quality ingredients. Perfect for bakers!

Bressane Raspberry

Bressane Raspberry

Discover Puratos’ Bressane Raspberry recipe: a delightful blend of flavors with nutritional info and expert baking tips. Bake your own today!

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Whether you’re an individual artisan or industrial-scale manufacturer, we’ll do everything in our power to help you reach your goals and see you succeed. Our customers and their success is at the heart of everything we do. From inspiration to innovation, we are here supporting you to grow your business.