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Bakery Chains

Authenticity and craftmanship, at scale

As a bakery chain, you need to differentiate as you face fierce competition from artisan bakers and modern retailers. We’re here to help you to overcome that challenge. A team of experts supports you to combine your artisan background with industrial expertise to maintain your high quality standards and efficiency at scale. Our product solutions allow you to offer your customers a healthier, local or more sustainable range without having to compromise on taste and authenticity. In addition, we help you creating the best shopping experience for your customers and provide you with category management advice.

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How can we help?

Innovation through consumer insights

Taste Tomorrow is the world’s largest ecosystem for consumer understanding in bakery, patisserie and chocolate. By tracking local and global consumer behavior, attitudes and choices we are able to provide you with valuable, in-depth consumer insights.

Discover new products and technologies

Want to discover new products or see new methods in action? We would be proud to welcome you to one of our Bakery and Patisserie Competence Centers. Our global team of R&D Managers and technical advisors will help you to take a fresh look at every aspect of your business!

Innovative food solutions

We manufacture all ingredients ourselves. This allows us to guarantee you and your customers sustainable and healthier food solutions of the highest quality.

Category management

Whether you want to attract new clients or increase profitability, our experts are just a phone call away. We advise you on the best product range and merchandising tips for your business depending on your location, target group and concept.

Offer online ordering

Our Bakeronline platform allows you to create in a fast and professional way a personalized webshop where your customers can easily order and pay online. This brings you additional sales and enables you to plan production and stock management more efficiently.

We know your customers

Discover the latest consumer insights

We track continuously local and global consumer behaviours, attitudes and choices which provides us valuable, in-depth consumer insights. Discover here the latest insights and trends that will help you to stay connected to your customers.


Discover new recipes

Sacher Torte Sustainable

Sustainable Sacher Torte

Discover the Sustainable Sacher Torte recipe, a fair-trade delight with Cacao-Trace chocolate, perfect for eco-conscious consumers.

Sacher Torte Health & Well-Being

Sacher Torte Health & Well-Being

Discover the delectable Sacher Tarte recipe, complete with a rich chocolate biscuit base, apricot filling, and smooth ganache coating. Perfect for any occasion!

Sacher Torte Creative

Creative Sacher Torte

Discover the art of making a Creative Sacher Torte with our step-by-step guide, complete with nutrition info for a delightful treat.

Sacher Torte Classic

Sacher Torte Classic

Discover the classic Sacher Torte recipe with rich chocolate, apricot filling, and ganache coating - perfect for dessert lovers!

Sustainable Éclair

Sustainable Éclair

Discover the art of baking with our Sustainable Éclair recipe, featuring Cacao-Trace chocolate for a delicious treat that supports fair trade.

Health & Wellbeing Éclair

Health & Wellbeing Éclair

Discover the Health & Wellbeing Éclair recipe by Puratos: a sugar-reduced indulgence with mango filling and chocolate custard for a guilt-free treat.

Classic Éclair

Classic Éclair

Discover the art of classic éclairs with Puratos’ easy recipe. Indulge in rich chocolate custard & smooth fondant icing for a gourmet treat.

Creative Éclair

Creative Éclair

Discover the art of patisserie with Puratos’ Creative Éclair recipe. Indulge in rich chocolate, hazelnut crumbles, and amber mousse for a decadent treat.

Creative Cheesecake

Creative Cheesecake

Discover the art of baking with Puratos’ Creative Cheesecake recipe, featuring a unique Mango Lime Lemon twist and rich, aerated cheese texture.

Cheesecake sustainable

Cheesecake sustainable

Adding locally sourced fruits to a classic in patisserie to increase awareness around the ecological footprint

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