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Chocolate is all about passion. We know how important it is to be able to create that perfectly smooth recipe, with an indulgent flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. We want your products to stand out for their supreme quality and taste, just as much as you do. That’s why we offer only the highest-quality, taste-tested ingredients, which are sure to make your recipe a success. But there is more. Taking sustainability at heart, it is our aim to build a better future for cacao with the game-changing Cacao-Trace program. Create a positive impact on the lives of cacao farmers while offering your customers the finest quality chocolate delights. 

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A better future for cacao

Cacao-Trace is our sustainable cacao sourcing program that focuses on better tasting chocolate and creating value for everyone, from farmer to consumer. The proof of the program is in the tasting and in the improved quality of life for cacao farmers.

A world of flavor

Here at Puratos, we’re passionate about flavor. Why not take a look through our product catalog to see what we have to offer? Or get lost in a world of flavor as you browse our recipe archive for your latest source of inspiration.

Always on trend!

We regularly interview thousands of people to find out what they think about chocolate products they consume. We conduct this survey in over 44 countries, so we can provide you with fresh insights and in-market inspiration from across the globe.

Strong community

Join our network of chocolatiers and meet our own skilled experts, members of professional associations, chefs, farmers, retailers, and other key members of the food service industry.

Hottest chocolate trends for 2024

We track continuously local and global consumer behaviours, attitudes and choices which provides us valuable, in-depth consumer insights. Discover here the latest insights and trends within your domain.


Discover new recipes

Trois Chocolats Sustainable

Trois Chocolats Sustainable

Discover our sustainable version of the Trois Chocolats for your End of Year festivities

Trois Chocolats Health & Well-Being

Trois Chocolats Health & Well-Being

Experience indulgence with our healthier Trois Chocolats. We've successfully improved the nutritional profile reducing the sugar content without compromising on taste.



Recipe of Kare-Kare using Belcolade and Topfil

Fiber bubble bar

Fiber bubble bar

Fiber is an essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy diet. In fact, it’s a superhero nutrient that is well-known for its ability to regulate digestion, lower cholesterol levels, control blood sugar levels, and much more!

Nutty tablets

Nutty tablets

This nutty chocolate recipe is perfect for any occasion. With a mix of Patisfrance and Belcolade, it’s sure to be a hit with everyone!

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