Egg wash alternative

With the demand for on-the-go consumption increasing all over the world, the finished appearance of your products is more important than ever. First impressions count for a lot and can often be decisive in how consumers perceive your product. Our research backs this up: shiny products are perceived as being more indulgent, of higher quality and fresher.

Now shine and colour are usually obtained by adding an egg-wash to bakery products, but this has several disadvantages related to convenience and food safety, particularly as eggs can easily be contaminated and can provoke an allergic reaction with certain people.

Our egg-wash alternatives are UHT* treated and may be stored at ambient temperatures (<25°C), and making it convenient in use.

* Ultra High Temperature products are sterilised by being heated for a few seconds at 145°C, killing all bacteria.

What are the advantages of using Egg wash alternative?

  • Top performance : shine after baking is even better than eggs
  • Food safety : no contamination to your products through contact with eggs
  • Stable price & availability : avoid egg price fluctuations and ensure stable pricing and availability throughout the year

Egg wash alternative

Egg wash alternative


Sunset Glaze

Sunset Glaze is an egg-wash alternative. It delivers outstanding shine and colour and avoids all the problems you might have using real eggs.

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