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Puratos MISSION TO MARS at the World Expo Dubai

26 Oct 2021



Puratos R&D Director, Filip Arnaut showcased our Mission to Mars programme, the actions behind our vision to bring bread to Mars and the impact the programme has on Earth at the World Expo Dubai on October 26th 2021.

Flanders Investment & Trade and Fevia Vlaanderen - the association of the Flemish food industry -hosted the event “From Flanders to Mars: how to shape the future of food?” in the Belgian Pavilion of the Expo. Among innovative and disruptive food and beverage solutions presented there, attendees had a chance to follow the keynote presentation ‘Mission to Mars: inspiration for innovative food solutions’ presented by our R&D Director, Filip Arnaut.

Cutting-edge & disruptive research programme

As a 100-year young company, Puratos has a vision to bring bread to Mars through our Mission to Mars programme while using it as an inspiration to bring innovations and applications that meet consumer needs. Investigating how to produce bread on Mars requires us to think outside the box, more specifically and to name a few:

  • Limit water use
  • Minimize energy requirement
  • Produce crops independent of agricultural land
  • Develop well-balanced, highly-nutritional finished goods
  • Recycle waste streams to produce fertilizers or other circular products

The discoveries we make during the programme will lead to amazing, innovative applications and help us continue providing healthy, nutritious and tasty foods for life on Earth in the future.

At Puratos we strive to grow our positive impact with the creation of innovative food solutions that promote health & well-being and steadily move business, customers, people and the planet forward.

We truly believe that successful collaborations can fuel the growth of “Mission to Mars” Programme. Join us in our commitment towards a better and healthier planet.

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