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Puratos attends the AIBI Congress to inspire the industry to collaborate towards a better planet

10 Jun 2022

Over the years, the AIBI (International Association of Plant Bakers) Congress has positioned itself as a prominent European event for the bakery and patisserie value chain. Puratos has the privilege to participate once more in this year’s congress, hosted on 16-18 June in Bled, Slovenia. From the latest bakery trends to insights on how to drive sustainability agenda through disruptive innovations, Puratos brings a wealth of knowledge to share with the participants with the ultimate purpose to join forces for a better planet.

Since Puratos was founded in 1919, it has been driven by a passion for innovation, helping its customers around the world to produce and deliver nutritious, healthy and tasty food to their local communities. Puratos is recognized in the market for its ability to innovate and offer truly disruptive food solutions for the health & well-being of people everywhere, empowered by its commitment towards future generations. 


The creation of the Taste Tomorrow program 10 years ago, the largest multi-country consumer survey in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry, combined with our dedicated global R&D team network, have enabled Puratos to build a unique capability to help professionals in the sectors turn technologies from food cultures around the world into new opportunities. On June 17th, Puratos CEO, Pierre Tossut, will join the Industry Leaders Panel Discussion alongside other CEOs and share the latest bakery trends, consumer insights and his view on how the industry has the responsibility to create sustainable value for the entire supply chain.


Meanwhile, on June 18th, Pierre Tossut will provide his insights into disruptive technologies, innovations in operations and value chain relationships as part of the Innovation Panel Discussion


With our commitments to you and to future generations, we have devoted ourselves to a holistic operating model, one that is sustainable, respectful and balanced. During the presentation of Our Chief Marketing & Channels Officer, Sophie Blum, on June 17th you will discover how Puratos safeguards the future for forthcoming generations and stimulates the industry to join forces in creating a better planet and a better life for people everywhere. During this session, Olivier Tilkens, President Northern & Eastern Europe at Puratos, will also exchange with other industry leaders on sustainability ideas and agendas as part of the Panel Discussion. 

Get inspired by our experience and join us in our commitment to Better Life, Better Health and a Better Planet!


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