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Our Cacao-Trace farmers

We would like to introduce you to some of our 7.800 Cacao-Trace farmers. Thanks to them we are able to deliver superior tasting chocolate!

6 Mar 2019

Our Commitments

Meet Adjoumani

Adjoumani Kouadio Albert is a cocoa farmer from Grand-Gréléon in Ivory Coast. He lives with his wife and two sons. Before joining Cacao-Trace, his financial situation was so tough.

 “When you ferment well, you can smell the chocolate” – he says.
Joining the Cacao-Trace programme has allowed him to change his live.

Watch his full story in our video.

Meet Beatrice

Beatrice is a female cocoa farmer who, like Adjoumani, lives in Grand-Gréléon. She is a single 53 year old grandmother, and helps her family as much as she can. Beatrice’s life has changed radically since she joined Cacao-Trace.

“You can see the difference between mine and my neighbours’, who have not yet joined the Cacao-Trace program”. Beatrice strives to cultivate the best beans to get the best tasting chocolate, and this is the goal that she shares with the Cacao-Trace programme.    

Watch her full story in our video.

More about Cacao-Trace

Within our Cacao-Trace programme we work closely together with carefully selected local farmer communities in Ivory Coast, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Mexico.         
We train them to deliver the highest quality cocoa beans, and we master the fermentation process in post-harvest centre close to the communities. 
For this superior quality our farmers are rewarded with a chocolate bonus of 10 cents per kilo sold, on top of a quality premium.    
In this way we are able to change the lives of the farmers and their community, while at the same time creating exceptional tasting chocolate.
A win-win for everybody!           


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