The Make-up of patisserie


The Make-up of patisserie

Visual seduction plays an important role in customers’ in-store purchasing decisions. Glazes and decorations are therefore essential for differentiating bakery and patisserie products and converting passing interest into transaction.

What are the benefits of using Puratos Glazes?

Puratos Glazes offer a brilliant and practical enhancement for patisserie and bakery products. But our pastry glazes don’t just help to emphasize product colour, beauty and appeal; they also improve taste and texture while protecting and prolonging freshness.

Since 1990, when we invented and launched our Miroir product, we’ve been expanding our portfolio of glazes with innovations and developments designed to meet customer needs.

Puratos Glazes products include:


The leading Glazes brand, Harmony is designed for glazing fruit pies, cakes and puff pastries. As well as having excellent visual appeal, it’s easy to use and gives excellent stability over time.

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In 1990 we launched Miroir l’ Original and Miroir Glassage. These high-quality glazes bring shimmer and shine to bavarois and mousses – the perfect example of style and art in the fine patisserie sector.

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