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There’s nothing as delicious or seductive as a cake made with chocolate. Chocolate fillings, sauces and creams add a deep and dreamy dimension to your creations, making them truly irresistible.

Consumers love chocolate. And at Puratos, we know how to make chocolate taste good. We also know how to make it convenient and easy to use across a wide range of patisserie products.

Puratos’ indulgent selection of ganaches will transform your patisserie creations. Our Belcolade and Carat Ganaches can be used to coat bavarois, mousse cakes, cream cakes, chou pastry, donuts, brownies and pies. They also make the perfect filling for layer cakes and pralines

What are the advantages of using Puratos Ganaches?

The Puratos Ganache range guarantees great taste. We use simply the very best chocolate, meaning you can enjoy the premium taste of Belgian (Belcolade) and compound (Carat) chocolate. 

Puratos Gananches also mean convenience. They’re ready to use straight from the pail; there’s no need to buy separate ingredients, and they’re very easy to store.

But above all, they come with the promise of quality, providing consistently excellent results, pail after pail; a longer shelf life compared to scratch recipes, and a versatility that means they can be used in all sorts of applications

Our rich variety of ganaches are designed to meet all your patisserie needs:

Belcolade Ganache

The real Belgian chocolate ganache.

Our Belcolade RTU Ganache is the only ready-to-use ganache made with Belcolade, the real Belgian Chocolate (containing 41% chocolate). With a long tradition of craftsmanship, quality and refinement, Belcolade only uses the most carefully selected cocoa beans, and a production process that respects the real essence of chocolate.

Carat Ganache

Outstanding quality, made perfectly simple.

Our ready-to-use Carat Ganache is made from high-quality compound chocolate. With a careful selection of the finest cocoa powders and ingredients, the Carat Ganache delivers a rich chocolate taste, adding depth and colour to you patisserie products.

Tailor-made Ganaches

Puratos can also make bespoke ganaches to suit your specific requirements. Whatever consistency, texture or chocolate-to-cocoa ratio you’re after, we can craft the perfect ganache solution.

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Carat - Compound Coating

Carat - compound coatings

Carat offers a range of great tasting compound coatings that can be used in different bakery & patisserie applications, as well in chocolate confectionary. Read more about the range of compound coatings



Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate, is produced exclusively in Belgium following a long tradition of craftsmanship, quality and refinement.

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