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Cake improvers

Our cake improvers are a range of products that provide convenience and quality. Thanks to our expertise we deliver high performance improvers that will help your tackle your challenges.



What is a cake improver ?

A cake improver is a special enzyme based technology that enables you to improve a functionality of your batter or final cake. It acts as the missing piece of your cake puzzle that allows you to attain excellence.

What are the advantages of cake improvers?

  •  Improved quality and differentiated cakes 
  • Increased efficiency thanks to faster product development, easier implementation, greater flexibility

Why use Puratos' cake improvers?

  • Long heritage of cake improvement
  • Superior cake quality 
  • Innovation through constant improvement and new product ideas in line with customer needs and consumer preferences

Cake improvers




Acti range has a proven positive effect on the different parameters of cake freshness including softness, moistness, cohesiveness and resiliency.

Industrial Patisserie Competence Center

Present in 11 countries, the IPCCs offers industrial patissiers a fully-equipped test centres dedicated to technological innovation and process optimisation.

Innovation Center

A network of 575 technical advisors in 88 Innovation Centers are committed to supporting you on both a local and regional level.