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Fat-based fillings

Fat based fillings are made of cocoa powder, vegetable fats like palm oil or sunflower oil and often a nut paste is added. The fat base gives the fillings an intense & creamy taste, a low water activity (Aw < 0,4). Thanks to the low water activity fat-based fillings are ideal to fill long shelflife dry sweet goods, they are as well very tasty in fresh & frozen bakery and patisserie applications, Fat based fillings are easy to use, just stir & apply in your bakery and/or patisserie application, before or after baking.

Fat-based fillings to local tastes

Carat fat-based fillings are manufactured in Puratos plants around the world. The range is adapted in every region to the local taste preferences and application requirements. Local production also ensures that customers can rely on the same quality standards and product consistency, regardless of where they buy their products. In addition, we always strive to develop innovative concepts that bring a new lease of life to the world of fat-based fillings

Custom creations

Whether you are looking for a fat-based filling for bakery or patisserie applications, before or after baking, for depositing or injections, with or without nuts, with or without chocolate … Carat fat-based fillings will offer top-notch performance every time. Are you a pastry chef or baker, artisan or industry … Puratos has the solution for all of you. Puratos offers solutions tailored to your personal requirements for taste, performance and production.

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Carat - Fat-based fillings

Carat - Fat-based fillings

Carat offers a variaty of delicious fat based fillings that can be applied in different bakery & patisserie applications, before or after baking. Fat Based fillings: dark, milk or white, with or without nuts, with or without chocolate, …

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