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Puratos and Bakkersonline join forces

30 Oct 2018


Puratos and Bakkersonline join forces to offer artisans access to a platform combining online and in-store shopping

Puratos, the international manufacturer of ingredients for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors, combines strengths with Bakkersonline, a promising Belgian start-up. This is a major step in the digital transformation of Puratos which will allow its artisan customers to easily create a personalized webshop and benefit from online selling opportunities. Bakkersonline will benefit from a global exposure, offering its services to more customers worldwide.

Contributing to the digital transformation of artisan bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers

Bakkersonline offers a complete and tailor-made solution for bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers to leverage and embrace digital technologies. The platform allows artisans to create in a fast and professional way a personalized webshop where their customers can easily order. Consumers get an overview of the available product offering,  clear product descriptions and allergen information. They can pay online and choose when to pick-up their order. There is also the possibility of setting-up a loyalty system to reward returning customers.

For artisans, Bakkersonline  generates additional sales and enables a more efficient production planning and stock management, while minimizing waste.
For consumers, the platform offers the convenience to pick up products purchased online at the time and location of their choice. 

“Today hundreds of bakeries in Belgium and the Netherlands enjoy the comfort of the online service while allowing consumers to spend their time efficiently, elsewhere than in queues”

says Maxim Sergeant, Founder and CEO of Bakkersonline

An innovative service for a better customer and consumer experience

The mission of Puratos is to help customers in being even more successful in their business by inventing, producing and supplying high quality ingredients. In addition to the available product ranges, Puratos also provides its customers with excellent technical and marketing support

“We wish to reflect innovation not only in the quality of our products, but also in the services we provide our customers” 
shares Daniel Malcorps, CEO of Puratos

New technologies emerge every day, yet Puratos’ objective to help customers create the best products remains intact. Puratos believes that providing convenient, digital services to its customers will enable them to focus their time on creating even better bakery, patisserie and chocolate items.

“The signature of a joint-venture agreement with one of the most promising start-ups in our industry will help artisan bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers, from around the world,  join the digital revolution. With this new service our customers can provide a more convenient experience to consumers who’ll be able to purchase items online and pick them up in-store without queuing. This easy solution represents an enormous growth potential which will help our customers to work even smarter” 
adds Daniel Malcorps

From a promising start-up to an international company

Today Bakkersonline counts over 350 customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Last year over 131.000 orders were placed on the platform

“Thanks to Puratos’ global presence and expertise, I’m convinced that we will increase artisans’ access to useful tools and allow their business to be even more successful. This will also benefit our current customers with the development of new features to extend their digital presence” 
adds Daniel Malcorps

For more clarity and increased positive communication impact also internationally, the platform will soon be rebranded “”.
If you have any question regarding this joint-venture, you can address an email to