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Introducing Belcolade’s new Selection chocolates.

7 Feb 2018


Master Class Week

Puratos believes it is vitally important there is a sustainable cocoa supply chain in the future. They have therefore launched Belcolade Selection Lait and Noir Cacao-Trace made with certified Cacao-Trace™ beans (CT C501/J and CT O3X5/J).

The conventional Belcolade Selection range is already well known for its great taste and excellent performance, Belcolade Selection Lait and Noir Cacao-Trace raises the bar still further. The new sustainable milk and dark chocolates are both highly versatile, balanced chocolates with a fresh fruity note and slightly roasted cocoa taste.

Controlled fermentation makes the difference

The fermentation of the cocoa beans, alongside roasting and conching, is one of the 3 key factors that influence the taste of the final chocolate. Puratos is using its long-term experience in fermentation to manage this process in the cocoa sourcing countries via post harvest centres. The result is perfectly fermented cocoa beans that produce better tasting chocolate.
This has been confirmed in consumer tasting sessions; the panels named the new Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace their favourite chocolate in tests1.

A unique chocolate Bonus supports local cocoa farmers

Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace is more than just a great tasting and multi-use chocolate however, it is part of a sustainable programme that empowers farmers to produce better quality beans and ensure cocoa farming remains an attractive business in the future.
In a fully audited process, a unique Chocolate Bonus of € 0.10/kilo of chocolate sold is returned directly to the cocoa farmer – and they can use this money in any way they choose.

A remarkable story

Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace is real Belgian chocolate made with sustainable cocoa beans that have been fermented under the control of Puratos. Not only does the chocolate taste better but it’s also an original and unique story to tell.