Sprouted Grains White Paper


What are the benefits and opportunities that Sprouted Grains offer to shape the Bakery sectors?  

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What can you expect?


We have gathered four of our Puratos experts to reveil the trends and benefits linked to Sprouted Grains
To make it as relevant and applicable to your business as possible, they have been summarized :

  • Market evolution,
  • Reasons for the "Healthy Halo" surrounding Sprouted Grains,
  • Nutrient content,
  • Unique flavour profile analysis.

All this information is gathered in our Sprouted Grains White Paper.

Why invest in Sprouted Grains?


For consumers, healthy bread is wholegrain bread, but there are significant challenges to making good wholegrain bread: balancing grains and seeds, avoiding the fast drying of crumbs, avoiding hard grains, and ensuring there are no off flavours.

Luckily, Softgrain has overcome all these challenges with a patented process that infuses the grains straight into sourdough. The result is a superior taste, prolonged freshness, as well as improved nutritional and health features. Rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins, Softgrain bread is good for your bones and teeth, and helps your metabolism, immune function, nervous system and heart function..

Health & Well-Being

We wish to play a proactive role in offering more beneficial nutrients on the market. That’s why we integrate nutrition in everything we do.