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Respond to consumers’ new needs with packaged baked goods

Worldwide, freshness and food safety are crucial elements for consumers. They make fewer visits to shops, spend less time in stores and have a tendency to stock up on certain products. And at the same time, consumers shift towards more packed baked goods for food safety concerns.

Packed baked goods ... a trend that's here to stay?

Based on the latest survey insights, it looks like this trends towards more freshness and a longer shelf life will not fade with the crisis. How can you deal with these changing consumer expectations as an industrial manufacturer of bakery or patisserie items? Puratos identified some key elements and ingredients that can help you respond to consumers’ changing buying behavior, and grow your business. How to extend the shelf life of your products? Improve the quality (texture, taste, cleaner label) of your packed products? And last but not least, how to differentiate your packed product offering in a highly competitive market? Discover the packaged opportunities for your sector:


How to make your packed croissant healthier? We have challenged our baker Cyril Hervé to create a healthy version of a packed croissant, including healthy ingredients like fruits and grains but also cleaning the labels.

Sweet Goods

How to make non-sticky packed sweet goods? In addition to effectively choosing the right packaging for your baked goods, it is equally important to choose the right filling & decoration solutions.


How to bake packaged sourdough on an industrial scale? You can easily produce a very good, everyday+ toast bread using your existing high-speed lines by making just minor twists to the look and taste