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Discover MyBreaD


MyBreaD is an innovative retail service, linking the tradition of homemade bread nicely to the future of retail. It’s a great way to acknowledge your client’s uniqueness and surprise him or her with a charming, tasty and convenient service. We like to think this creates a classic win-win-win situation for you, your client and us.

Offer your customers the possibility to personalise their bread thanks to MyBreaD!

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The customer is king, and deserves the bread he/she wants.

Why MyBreaD?


  • It is the next level in customer service and an opportunity to show dedication to your customer through personalisation
  • It provides a unique experience to share with friends and family. 
  • MyBreaD is YourBreaD. A Puratos concept, but marketed under your brand name. 

The secret of MyBreaD? Puratos O-tentic Tutto Pugliese


MyBreaD boldly goes where no other bread service has gone before. In order to do so, it relies on the unique characteristics of Puratos O-tentic Tutto Pugliese. It’s the perfect basic ingredient for a concept where different variables are expected to consistently result in a high quality product.
O-tentic Tutto Pugliese is a guarantee for tasty, fresh and high-quality bread with a natural and authentic texture. But even more importantly, it’s very easy to use. Adding water is all that is needed. In a process with such a strong focus on customization, a very helpful quality indeed.


O-tentic is a unique active bakery component that gives you the creative freedom to make breads with authentic taste and texture.