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All you need to know about Brioche

12 Apr 2023


Brioche has become a global sensation. In the past three years, online conversations have grown more than 15%, with 20% more new launches each year! Over 1.000 new brioche products have been launched in over 60 countries.

So, what is brioche exactly? Brioche is a pastry and a delectable sweet bakery items traditionally made with butter and eggs that gives it a rich, slightly sweet and buttery flavor. Brioche is also known for its soft, fluffy texture, which is the result of the high fat content in the dough.

The origin of Brioche

The most authentic and classic brioche comes from Normandy, a region of northern France famous for the quality of its butter. Interestingly, in very authentic brioche recipes, 400g of butter per kilo of flour is required. The name "brioche" comes from the old French word "brier," which means "to crush the dough". Over the centuries, brioches spread to many regions, and there are now over 30 different types of brioche in France, with almost every region having its own specialty.

What about France?

France, in general, is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and history, and Paris is often referred to as the city of love. The charm and romanticism of Paris are recognized worldwide, explained by its large boulevards and monuments such as the Eiffel Tower or the Pont des Arts, also called the bridge of lovers.

In addition to its cultural heritage, French cuisine is highly celebrated, with over 600 Michelin-starred restaurants in France as of 2022. And with more than 30 types of brioche available, there's no shortage of delicious brioche to enjoy. 

Some of the most popular types of brioche in France include Brioche Parisienne, Brioche Vendéenne, Brioche de Nanterre, and Tropézienne. Brioche Parisienne is a type of brioche shaped with two balls of dough on top of each other and was popularized in the 18th century. Brioche Vendéenne is a braided brioche traditionally made in the Vendée region of France and is often served at weddings and Easter celebrations. 

Brioche de Nanterre is a rectangular loaf-shaped brioche that originated in the early 1900s in the town of Nanterre. Tropézienne, on the other hand, is a sugar brioche filled with cream and was created by Alexandre Micka in the 1950s in the town of Saint-Tropez.

Puratos can help you

With a focus on balanced costs and differentiation, Puratos can help you and your customers to create the perfect taste and texture in brioche recipes. We offer an extensive range of key ingredients: improvers & mixes such as Puraslim, Soft’r Melting and Easy Soft’r Plant-Based Mix, fillings, specialty fats, glazes and sourdough, to name a few.

From French classic brioche to fully plant-based, as well as brioche with a healthier twist, discover a range of innovative recipes and bring not only a touch of France to your product range, but also answer the consumer needs of tomorrow. With Puratos's expertise, bakers and food manufacturers can create delicious and innovative brioche products that stand out in a growing category.

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