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Consumers increasingly want to make informed choices on how their food impacts not only their own health but also the health of the planet. Sustainability has therefore become central to a consumer’s purchasing decisions, as they seek to leave a better world for this generation and future ones. For example, the percentage of consumers who believe that plant-based is good for the health of themselves and the planet nearly doubled (36% to 60%) from 2018 to 2021, making plant-based the biggest trend in food .

Would you be interested in creating stories around more sustainable classics in patisserie?

  • One way forward is to include plant-based alternatives in cake mixes, fillings, chocolate and decors.
  • Another is to ensure that raw materials and ingredients are sourced more sustainably. For example, in our fruit fillings we are convinced that local fruit sourcing and knowledge of our supply chain from Field to Fork has a positive impact on our quality and gives full transparency to farmers and consumers.
  • Yet another possibility is to use Cacao-Trace chocolate. This is chocolate from our sustainable cocoa sourcing program. Cacao-Trace ensures a good quality of life for cocoa farmers, while focusing on great-tasting chocolate that is appreciated by chocolate-lovers throughout the world. 

Every patisserie creation has a story to tell

This “Classic” in patisserie, is the starting points for reinventions and new stories thanks to unexpected texture combinations, sugar reduction, plant-based , with more fruit or more sustainable.

Click on the different links to discover more about the different stories that you can tell and our full patisserie product portfolio that will help you creating those strong stories.

The Classic

"The very best classic"


Visual Appeal

Health & Well Being

More Fruits
Sugar Reduced
Clean(er) Label

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Every Patisserie Creation Has A Story to Tell

Today’s consumers are looking for authentic, delicious patisserie with exciting textures and flavors. At the same time – as our Taste Tomorrow research indicates – consumers are increasingly interested in the stories behind their favorite patisserie items. They are also keen to understand the impact that the food they eat has on their health and the planet.